Supplier Registry

  • Irving Shipbuilding has established an online supplier registry, which will allow suppliers to enter relevant information on their organizations.
  • Once you have completed your submission you will be provided with login credentials, which you may use to keep your information up-to-date over time.
  • For any questions you can send an email to


Registration for the Supplier Registry does not create a legal relationship, contractual or otherwise, between the registrant and Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (“ISI”). ISI may, at its sole discretion, consider the information submitted by a registrant in connection with ISI’s procurement interests and/or contact a registrant; however, ISI has no legal obligation to do so.    


Step 2

CLICK HERE FOR ON-LINE SUPPLIER REGISTRY-You will receive an e-mail to complete Step 3.

Step 3

Provide supplier details in Irving Shipbuilding Supplier Online Registry. Link will be provided in an e-mail.