Supplier FAQs

How do I get notified about Irving Shipbuilding’s Supply Chain opportunities?

On our website,, click the link “for suppliers” on the right hand side of the page to learn:

  • How to express your interest in joining Irving Shipbuilding’s supply chain
  • Irving Shipbuilding’s Supply Chain Principles & Strategy
  • How to register, including highlighting aboriginal and small business opportunities. Be sure to “submit” your registration – we do not view registrations that are only “saved"

What qualifications does my company need to be considered for contracts with Irving Shipbuilding?

This depends on the product or service in question, but our considerations include:

  • Capability to provide the required materials or services
  • An established position in the markets that you serve
  • Ability to provide Canadian manufactured content for Canada
  • Ability to provide great value for Canada
  • Robust quality assurance, international organization for standardization certifications (ISO) or equivalent controls
  • Security clearances including Controlled Goods and Canadian Industrial Securities Directorate (CISD) including security clearances
  • For more information on this please visit,
  • Workers compensation board registrations and appropriate insurances
  • Agreement on Terms and Conditions

How will I be able to find out what bids are being put out to tender?

  • Notification of upcoming public Request-For-Proposals (RFP’s) are sent to all companies registered with us for the materials and services in which they have expressed interest. They are not made publicly available
  • Materials and service categories are revised from time to time – be sure to respond to us when we notify you of any revisions.

How do you evaluate submitted bids?

Bid evaluations vary by contract, based on scope, complexity, and cost, but include:

  • Compliance with all functional requirements
  • Providing best value to Canada including, wherever possible, aboriginal and small business content

How can I prepare?

Communicate clearly what your enterprise has to offer & how this will add value to Irving Shipbuilding and to Canada

To register your company click here.

Do you have a question you’d like answered by our Supply Chain Team?

If so, please send your question to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.