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Halifax Shipyard

Halifax Shipyard

Our largest facility and head office site.

Halifax Shipyard can provide you with a complete range of services for newbuild up to 120m and ship repair for vessels up to Panamax size beam. It is home to the biggest floating docks and the largest machine shop in Eastern Canada.

Halifax’s deep water, ice free port is a natural shipbuilding site, offering 24/7 access. It is the second largest natural harbour in the world.

With its comprehensive array of fabrication shops, outfit shops, machine shop and access to a large extensive local sub-contractor community, Halifax Shipyard has wide-ranging capabilities ready to undertake your project, big or small.

Halifax Shipyard covers 18,000m2  of water frontage with two docks including one Panamax and one graving dock. Our build methodologies incorporate as much construction, outfitting and painting undercover as possible, assuring the quality of your vessel.

All our facilities are certified members of ISPS and operate 365 days a year.

Halifax Shipyard

  • Builder of complex vessels such as Anchor Handling Tug/Supply vessels and Navy/Coast Guard Vessels
  • Ship repair and conversion for vessels up to Panamax size
  • A fully equipped floating docks for vessels up to Panamax beam
  • Over 480m of service piers
  • ISO 9001:2000 registered


  1. Burning Shop (DNC underwater oxygen plasma & oxy-acetylene machines)
  2. Plate Shop (183m x 23m x 12m, complete with panel line & shell jigs)
  3. Outfit Steel Shop
  4. Module Shop (162m x 30m x 22m, 90t lift & heavy load transfer system)
  5. Turntable
  6. Launchway (max length about 150m, with 65t berth crane)
  7. Pipe Shop (500m2)
  8. Sheet Metal Shop, QA, Test & Trials
  9. Ship Repair Offices & Owner’s Reps
  10. Machine Shop (full range of machine tools)
  11. Machine Shop Wharf (100m, with about 9.1m water depth)
  12. Pier 6&7 (338m, with about 8m water depth)
  13. Graving Dock (173m x 23.5m, 8m over the sill)


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