Serving Area

Serving the eastern seaboard and beyond

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Our facilities are conveniently located near key international shipping routes and are in easy reach of the most important Eastern Seaboard ports in the U.S.

Sailing distances are less than 600 nautical miles to New York and under 380 nautical miles to Boston, 750 nautical miles to Norfolk and 2,374 nautical miles to the United Kingdom.

Home to Halifax Shipyard, Marine Fabricators, and Woodside Industries, Halifax’s deep water, ice free port is a natural shipbuilding and repair site, offering 24/7 access. Located close to the Gulf Stream, it is on the same latitude as the northern Mediterranean.

As the second largest natural harbour in the world, it is well-positioned to serve the Great Northern Circle Trading Route.

Shelburne Ship Repair serves small and medium sized vessels from the southeastern coast of Nova Scotia on the Atlantic Ocean.

Situated in Prince Edward Island, East Isle Shipyard is easily accessible from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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