New Facility Cranes to Build New Naval Ships Arrive at Irving Shipbuilding

Halifax, NS, October 14, 2014: The very first vessel to arrive at the recently refurbished Port of Halifax Richmond Multipurpose Terminal on Tuesday, Oct. 14th was carrying two new cranes for use inside the Ultra Hall Production Building under construction at Halifax Shipyard.  These bridge cranes, which will each lift up to 200t, are part of Irving Shipbuilding’s $300M plus investment to prepare to build Canada’s new Naval combat vessels starting in September 2015. The cranes, each of which weighs 250t, will span close to the full height and width of the new production building (47m tall X 55m wide) and will be used to move large blocks and mega blocks that will form the vessels.  Supplied to us by KoneCranes, a world-wide company with an office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the cranes were built in Houston, Texas.  The pieces will be assembled into 4 girders, which then along with their components will be hoisted more than 47m before they are put into place through a roof opening in the production building.  The entire installation process will take approximately 3 weeks.  Irving Equipment cranes currently deployed at Irving Shipbuilding moved next door to the Richmond Multipurpose Terminal for the movement and delivery of cranes to Halifax Shipyard – two of the 22 Nova Scotians employed with Irving Equipment performed this work.