Irving Shipbuilding Online Supplier Registry Goes Live

Halifax, NS, January 18, 2012: On January 17th Irving Shipbuilding officially launched its Online Supplier Registry, as a part of its extensive preparation for upcoming vessel construction programs associated with the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS). “Although we are only 90 days into a 30-year process, we felt it was crucial to capture the interest expressed by many local, national and global companies in becoming part of the Irving Shipbuilding supply chain,” said Steve Durrell, President, Irving Shipbuilding.

The registry database, located at, is designed to gather and categorize information on interested potential suppliers, and assist in consistent communications regarding NSPS-related contracts and projects. Since the Oct. 19th announcement of the successful NSPS shipyards, Irving Shipbuilding has received more than 550 inquiries from suppliers interested in knowing more about upcoming opportunities to provide goods and services.

“We’re currently working on laying important groundwork with the federal government, including the recently announced agreement in principle as well as negotiating the contract for the first set of vessels,” said Steve Durrell, President, Irving Shipbuilding. “We hope to be in a position to begin production on the first set of vessels in late 2013. No supplier selection related to NSPS programs has taken place as yet. We will only be in a position to begin supplier selection when we finalize those agreements and receive further detail on vessel designs and specifications.”

The registry is searchable and will be used by Irving Shipbuilding supply chain professionals to identify suppliers to be invited to participate in future ISI-led supplier development sessions; to identify relevant suppliers to receive Requests for Interest or Requests for Proposal related to specific project requirements; and to help direct further relevant updates and information to suppliers. Both potential and current suppliers are encouraged to register. Registering on the system does not guarantee suppliers will be successful in obtaining work for the upcoming vessel construction projects.

Irving Shipbuilding’s Online Supplier Registry will also feature helpful links, including a link to ACOA for further information and background on the federal government’s Industrial Regional Benefits programs. In addition, for assistance in Controlled Goods, Security Screening, Quality Assurance, Safety and Continuous Improvement, links to participating audit firms have been provided.