Irving Shipbuilding only Canadian Shipyard included as Leading Global Shipyard by Maritime Reporter

Halifax, NS, September 6, 2011: Irving Shipbuilding is the only Canadian shipyard to be featured in the global industry publication Maritime Reporter & Engineering News as one of two dozen leading shipbuilders around the world.

"We are very proud to be featured alongside such companies as Ulstein Shipyard of Norway, Jurong Shipyard of Singapore, and Dutch shipbuilding giant Damen, which owns more than 35 shipyards worldwide,” said Steve Durrell, President, Irving Shipbuilding.

"We’ve been focused on our vision to become one of two shipbuilding centres of excellence for Canada, and over the past five years have been steadily investing in our people, infrastructure, and processes in order to be ready to build the next generation fleet for our country. We’re pleased those investments and efforts are being recognized within our industry.”

Published out of New York, New York, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News has been in business for more than 65 years and provides information and news to maritime industry decision makers globally.

"The August 2011 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News was our 'Shipyard Edition,' and here we provided a feature focus of nearly two dozen leading shipbuilders from around the world," said Greg Trauthwein, Editor & Associate Publisher, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News. "Irving Shipbuilding, one of a handful of companies with a full-page feature focus, certainly belongs in this group, as it has a rich and long history; a stable, long-tenured leadership; and a commitment to investing in modern infrastructure, facilities and employees; all traits that are hallmarks of a world-class shipbuilder."

August 2011 Edition, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News: